Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Maths Mini Bundles

I've been working on some math resources and have added two new products to my store! I'm trying my best to make as many resources as possible, so I have them ready to go for when I return home and get back to work. I'll be starting off as a casual (sub), so these mini activities will be useful as some  people are funny about photocopying and using student workbooks. Ahhh, the joys of being a casual/sub!

Here we go;

Doubles Plus One Strategy Pack
This pack comes with two games and a poster. 

The doubles plus one strategy is pretty handy for students to learn. Did you know that if students master the doubles and doubles plus one strategy then they will know 25% of the addition table?! That's pretty awesome right? Click on the picture to check it out on TPT.

Odd and Even Numbers
This pack comes with two games and two posters.

The games are designed to help students identify and recognise whether numbers are odd or even. Identifying whether a number is odd or even is an important concept as it relates to patterns of numbers and objects. The concept of odd and even also relates to skip counting and grouping. Click on the picture to see it in my store.

Will be adding more soon, so don't forget to follow my store to be the first to know!

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