Saturday, 17 January 2015

Technology You Should Try : PDF to JPG Converter

Today I'm sharing with you an awesome tool that can help fix printing issues with .PDF files!

Some printers have issues printing .PDF files made up of different layers. I've never had this problem with my home printer, it's usually the printers at work. It can be quite frustrating, especially if you keep wasting ink by trying to print the file over and over again.

I have found a nifty online tool that can help overcome this problem. It's called 'PDF 2 JPG' and it will convert the file to images for easy printing!

There are many .PDF to .JPG converters online. Here is the one that I will be talking about; PDF2JPG.

It's a fairly straight forward interface. Upload the file and select 'Excellent' for crisp printing quality. Press the 'Convert' button and wait.

It will then take you to the next page where you will be able to view and save your images. You can even download the images as a .zip file.

Then, you can easily print the document as image files. This should eliminate any printing issues as the file is now broken up into parts and no longer has layers :)  Of course, use this tool wisely and refrain from breaking any copyright laws.

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