Saturday, 25 July 2015

100 Days of Kindergarten

This week we celebrated 100 days of Kindergarten.

I'd seen and read heaps of super cool ideas on Pinterest and had been eagerly counting the days since the start of the year. Originally I was just going to have the fun day with my own class, but thought it would be a nice day for all of Kindergarten to share. So I organised the day for my team. It was fun organising/being in charge of an event. I have never done something like this before, so it was also a valuable learning experience for me. Would I do it again? DEFINITELY! 200 days of school here we come! :P

Here's what we got up to;

1. Literacy - "I wish I had 100...." & "If I had $100 I would...."
This was a great talking & listening activity. Students had to finish the sentence and then justify their answer.

We used this super cute graphic organiser from Kim Ouellette.
2. Science/STEM - A 100 Cup Structure
Students worked in small groups to work out which was was best for building a tall but stable paper cup structure. We then came back as a class and discussed what we discovered. We then used this information to build a structure as a whole class. We got to 75 cups, but then it fell over. Unfortunately, we did not get to rebuild as we had to go to the library. Nevermind, we will be going back to the challenge sometime this week and refining our design.

3. PE - Centathlon
Centathlon = 100 repetitions.
I set up a circuit with different stations. Each station had a simple activity such as hop on your right lge 10 times or do 10 starjumps. All up it was 100 repetitions. This was a fun way to get outside, get active and do a bit of counting. It did tire a lot of people out though.

4. Craft - 100 Day Crowns
Students decorated their crowns with 100 things such as paper strips, circles, squares, triangles etc. We used this adorable template from My Heart Belongs in Kindergarten (yes, there is a boy version).
Overall my favourite activity was the STEM challenge. I've been doing a lot of research into different types of activities that we can do (thanks Pinterest and teacher blogs!). Am looking forward to starting STEM this week. I've even made a display, which is currently on my back wall ready to go. You can check it out here :D

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