Friday, 25 April 2014

Freebie: What is a Text? poster

One of the most influential professional development programs I have undertaken was about reading. It was a two year program that really made me think about the way I taught reading.

One of the things that was brought up, was the importance of students being exposed to different types of texts (e.g poems, movies, songs, posters, photos, websites, articles e.t.c). We were asked to create a survey to find out about the reading habits of our students. One thing that came up was that all of my students only saw reading a book as 'reading'. When discussing the results with other teachers, this was a pretty common theme.

So we had a few lessons on "what is a text?". One of the resources I created, was a "What is a Text?" poster. This was used when introducing the lessons and then hung up on the wall for reference. The students were pretty impressed when they realised that they do a lot more reading than they thought they did :)

Click on the picture to download on TPT

What is a Text? poster

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