Friday, 25 April 2014


After seeing all these amazing teaching blogs, I have finally started my own!

I have been teaching for 5 years and have had a variety of experiences. Like most fresh out of university teachers, I started off as a casual teacher (a.k.a sub or supply). That first year out of uni was a big learning experience. It helped me develop my classroom management skills, ability to think on the spot and find out what lessons worked well and not so well. I also got to pick up lots of ideas from teachers with years of experience.

For the next two years after that, I was on Year 1. Having my own class and classroom was so much fun. Seeing the students make progress and enjoy what they were learning was very rewarding. 

While on class, I started to use more teacher developed resources as well as my own. I found making my own resources enjoyable because I could make them to suit the needs of the students and the theme of my classroom.

My next role was an ESL Support Teacher. It was an interesting experience as I got to go in different classrooms each day and work with students who needed some extra support.

I then took a break from teaching to travel around Europe. I'm still currently travelling for a few months and then returning to teaching as a casual. By the end of this trip I will have been to 33 countries and 68 cities!

I created this blog to share ideas, resources and some of the interesting things I find along the way. I also wanted to have a journal to look back on :)

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