Sunday, 27 April 2014

Making Connections: Thinking Stem Posters

One of my other comprehension resources are the Making Connections Thinking Stem Posters. Click on the picture to see it in my TPT store :)

This was another resource I used in my room when teaching the Super Six. We started out with Text to Self Connections. As we read several texts students were able to choose a thinking stem to help articulate their thoughts. Students shared their connections in pairs, small groups and with the class.

After sharing their connections verbally, students moved onto writing a sentence and drawing a picture. The posters were placed on their desk to help them with their writing.

The posters were also hung on the wall so that students could always go back and refer to it if they needed to. This saved a lot of "Miss how do you spell ________" moments. They can also be scaled down and clipped together with a ring clip for use in guided reading groups or individual use.

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